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    Chuck Palahniuk • Friday, July 25th • 4pm ET /1 pm PT

    In celebration of Comic-Con, the announcement of Fight Club 2 and the fall novel, Beautiful You, we’re taking your questions right here on Tumblr.

    Submit your questions via the Ask Box (here) and Chuck will answer them live from Comic-Con on Friday, July 25th at 4 pm ET/ 1pm PT.

    And, be sure to check out the new book, coming October 21st, 2014.

    First rule of Tumblr club: you should definitely talk about chuckpalahniuk's Tumblr Q&A.

    First, AWESOME

    Second, Fight Club…..  2?  W T ffffokay.

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    Black Labrador puppy says hello to a sweet little fawn! How cute is that?

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