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     diamond 2 noob

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    Today’s #MondayInspiration comes from Wayne Gretzky. Take your shot!

    - Michael Scott

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    Today in people having more fun than I am…


  9. arcadia-unity:

    We are very excited to announce the first public release of Arcadia, our integration of the Clojure programming language and the Unity 3D game development platform!

    Clojure brings the live editing, dynamic typing, and persistent data structures of a modern Lisp to the world of video games. Unity brings the cutting edge graphics, real time physics, and multi-platform export offered by an industry standard engine to the world of functional programming.

    Arcadia’s goal is to make these two powerful tools interoperate seamlessly to provide a powerful and fluid game development experience. To achieve this, we forked the Clojure CLR compiler and introduced our own optimizations, most of which have been merged upstream. We also provide a powerful library to convert between Clojure’s persistent data structures and Unity’s GameObjects and Components.

    Getting Started

    Make sure to read our wiki for more information!

    Early Adopters

    People are already making things in Arcadia! Brooklyn based game developer Joseph Parker built Parade Route for the 2014 Clojure Cup and released its source code, and is now working on a whale diving game.

    The Team

    Arcadia is developed by Clojure developer Tims Gardner and Unity developer Ramsey Nasser. The project would not be possible without the invaluable support of David Nolen, Kovas Boguta, Brandon Bloom, David Miller and others.

    What started as a proof of concept hack in April 2014 is turning into the workflow we’ve always wanted. We hope you find it as fun to use as we do!

  10. twenty one pilots | live videos

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