1. yahooeng:

    The Yahoo User Interface library (YUI) has been in use at Yahoo since 2005, and was first announced to the public on February 13, 2006. Although it has evolved tremendously since that time, YUI has always served the same overarching purpose of providing a comprehensive toolkit to make it…

    Well it had a good run!

  3. wtf-fun-factss:

    Japanese island full of cats -  WTF fun facts


  4. Life is good - HIYAAA

    In flight WiFi.. what a world we live in. I’m thousands of feet in the air committing code to the tumblr repo while going hundreds of miles per hours. 0_0


  6. gulesgardener:

    who the fuck celebrates aviation day tumblr

  7. the-frickle-frackle:

    What the fuck?

  8. dyrus:

    good job oddone

  9. cute-overload:

    It’s his first time having to wear a cone

    (via 16-bitch)

  10. (Source: linxspiration)